Want to share the latest newsroom releases with your colleagues? Slack’s RSS app allows you to subscribe to your newsroom’s RSS or Atom feed URL and receive automatic updates in your company Slack. Whenever news gets published in your newsroom, your team gets an update in Slack.

Please note: If you get an error when trying to add a feed, try validating the feed at http://validator.w3.org/feed/.

1. Install the RSS app

First, you’ll need to add the RSS app to your Slack workspace:

  1. Visit the RSS page in the Slack App Directory.

  2. Click Add to Slack.

  3. On the next page, click Add RSS integration.

2. Add a newsroom feed

After you’ve added the RSS app, add your first feed:

  1. Next to Feed URL, paste the web address of the feed you’d like to subscribe to.

  2. Select a channel where feed updates will appear.

  3. Click Subscribe to this feed to finish.

You’ll see the newsroom updates be posted in Slack the next time any new content is published 🎉

Can I subscribe to more than one newsroom?

Yes, that's possible! Here's how you can do that:

  1. Copy the feed address from the newsroom you want to add.

  2. In your Slack workspace, go to the channel where you’d like the newsroom updates to appear.

  3. Click the ⚡️ icon to the left of the message field to open the shortcuts menu.

  4. Type /feed into the search field and click on it to add the command to the message field.

  5. Following /feed in the message field, type subscribe and the feed address.

    Send the message.

There you go!

Should you have any questions or feedback, we'd be happy to have a chat with you! Send us a message on hello@pr.co or contact us directly through our live chat box 💌

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