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Hi there!

We’re a fully remote SaaS company that equips global brands and their communications teams to increase brand exposure. Our team is spread across five countries on two continents, but distance doesn't deter us from coming together to work hard and play together.

Our mission

We believe that building trust is essential to your ability to share your story. That’s why we focus on helping our customers to be transparent about their organization and their impact on the world around them. Our beautifully designed online newsrooms, intuitive PR software, and expertise help our customers to generate more press coverage and build meaningful relationships with journalists, investors, customers and other stakeholders.

Our solutions are designed to make your life easier. Share your news, journey and milestones in your newsroom and transform your audience into active, engaged subscribers.

What we do

Our main activities are two-fold:

  1. We design, develop and maintain websites for communications teams
    We create beautiful, tailor-made newsrooms, blogs and platforms that really show off what you do. Our platform is specifically designed to get your message out there. It’s your time to shine!

  2. We equip communications teams with the platform to get the job done
    Our all-in-one platform that helps you write and publish meaningful stories in all their glory. You can schedule and send out news announcements, manage relationships with media contacts (GDPR checked), and simplify editorial workflows between internal teams and external parties.

Our customers

We work with 300+ companies, all over the world. Our customers include global brands like Just Eat Takeaway.com, VanMoof, JBL, Dolby, Shimano, WeTransfer, Viacom, and you!

Socially-conscious brands realize their impact on the world around them—and are bold enough to try and shape it for the better. These are the businesses of the future.

Every organization is attached to an ecosystem of businesses, communities, and natural surroundings. Brands that think about their impact on every part of the equation—and communicate their response effectively—are vital in helping us to face the world's mounting challenges.

We give these new rule-setters the tools to tell their stories in ways that move people.

A lot of people. In today’s world, a company can be anything, but it can’t be everything. Which is why being socially-conscious doesn’t demand perfection, it means starting a journey—and sharing that journey to inspire others to start theirs.

Just like many of our customers, we are committed to making a positive impact on the world.

Questions? Send us an 📩 at hello@pr.co

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