If you are publishing in more than one language in your newsroom, whether you are using a basic or if you've got multiple country newsrooms, you must change the language settings of your release before publishing.

We ask you to do so in order to not damage chances of your release being picked up by search engines in that particular language. 

To change the language settings of your release, all you need to do is go to step 2. Settings in the Campaign Editor:

Once you are on that page, scroll to the bottom where you will see the "Language" heading with a dropdown menu under it. Select the language of the release from the options in the menu. Once that is done, click on the "Save and Continue" button.

Attention: Setting the language of your release to another one does not automatically translate the content of the release or the newsroom itself. This measure only ensures that your release will be cached by search engines along with content in that language.

There you go!

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