Have you added another newsroom to your organization and wish to feature releases there which currently belong to another one of your newsrooms?

You can do so in two different ways:

1. Delegate your news to team members working on a different newsroom

For instance, you are working with multiple countries which have their own newsroom. With the delegate feature, you are able to assign the release to other team members, who in turn can make necessary changes (i.e. translate the content to a different language) and publish the release on their newsroom:

Read this article to find out more about our Delegate feature.

2. Copy and paste the original release onto a new release in the recently added newsroom

While a feature to move releases across newsrooms without using our Delegate functionality is not yet available, another way of publishing an existing campaign on a different newsroom is by simply re-creating it on the campaign editor.

This would require you to go on the campaign editor of your new newsroom and copy and paste the content of the original campaign onto a new draft:

If you wish to set the campaign live with its original date (for instance, if the news is not recent but you'd still like to feature it), you can do so by following these steps.

Please note that previous campaign reports based on the original campaign cannot be transferred to this new release.

There you go! 

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