There are different ways to remove a published press release (or campaign) once it has been pushed live. Below is the explanation for each of these methods and in which case you should use them.

Method 1 β†’ Hide from newsroom

The easiest method is to hide the campaign from your newsroom. This is recommended if you have shared the news with the world, for example using an email distribution or on social media, but you no longer want the news to appear in your list of news in your newsroom. Hiding the campaign from your newsroom means that only people with a direct link will find it, you will see a smallπŸ”’icon in from of the campaign in the campaigns list.

Method 2 β†’ Archive campaign

If you also don't want direct links to work and really remove the campaign from your newsroom completely you can choose to archive the article. Archived campaigns are saved and can always be un-archived.

There are three ways to do this:

  1. In the campaign list view, select the campaign you want to archive and in the βš™οΈ dropdown menu on the right hand side of the list you can choose archive.

  2. Click on any campaign title in the list and you will see a summary of the published campaign. In the top menu there is a "More" button (next to preview) in the dropdown choose Archive Campaign.

  3. Click to edit the campaign and go the the Confirm tab (step 5) - here you also have the option to Archive the campaign.

See below animation where all three options are shown:

Method 3 β†’ Back to draft

Alternatively if you want to remove news from your newsroom because you want to edit the piece more then putting it back to draft would be the best option.

Go to your campaign list and click edit campaign from the dropdown. In Step 5 "Confirm" you can select "Back to draft".

Method 4 β†’ Delete completely

The last method is mostly used to cleanup duplicates or other news that you don't need to keep at all. You can remove any campaign completely from our system by deleting it.

In the campaign overview select "Delete" from the dropdown on the campaign you wish to delete.

There you go!

If you still have any more questions ❓, run into any bugs πŸ› or have any feature requests πŸ™, reach out to our team - hello@pr.coΒ 

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