Once you've started publishing news to your newsroom you might want to integrate that news with your website, app, or intranet. To give you an overview of what is possible and the various levels of integration available, let's go over some options:

  1. A newsfeed on your website or app
    This means displaying a list of latest news while directing people who click on the news to go to your newsroom. This is a nice lightweight integration that provides you the benefit of exposing your news to a broader audience without a lot of development work from your side.

  2. Integrate with your blog
    We have seen customers integrating pr.co with their blog (on WordPress for example). This would entail republishing whatever is published on your pr.co newsroom to a news section on your blog. This would entail polling the Timeline endpoint looking for new news being published and then requesting and converting that new news item as a new article in your blog.

  3. Integrate the full newsroom with your website
    This requires a whole lot more work from your side but allows you to be fully in control over how your news is displayed on your website and how the visitor interacts with your content. This could be a good alternative if our newsroom customization service doesn't provide you with all the features you're looking for.

Regardless of which option you're interested in, it is important to note that any of these integrations would require some form of coding skills. For the newsfeed option probably anyone on your website team should be able to set it up, but for the full integration with your website a third-party might be required as this entails a lot of programming.

API Documentation

You can find the API documentation here: https://api.pr.co/docs.

Interested in integrating with the pr.co API?

In order to get started with the integration you first need to make sure that API-access in included in your pr.co subscription. Please contact pr.co support to request access to the API and for any technical assistance during the integration process.

There you go!


Should you run into any problems 🛑 , bugs 🐛 , feature requests 🤔 or have any questions 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♀️ , please get in touch with the pr.co support team. You can reach us either via the live chat or at hello@pr.co.

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