You can read more here about the various options we offer to host your newsroom, but if you're already sure you want to set up a subdirectory, here's the lowdown.

Before considering this hosting option please keep in mind:

  • Because we need to be heavily involved in the setup, we currently only offer this hosting option to people who have the subdirectory support package with their subscription. Please contact support if you'd like to add this package.

  • This requires significant technical effort from your IT department, if you're on a deadline this hosting method might take too long for your taste.

  • This setup only works for Nginx and Apache reverse proxy directives, we've had people try using other methods before but this rarely succeeded and is not officially supported so we can't help you when something goes wrong.

Example of a subdirectory:

Why a subdirectory?

The subdirectory hosting method is only way to have your newsroom hosted on your main domain. This makes the newsroom feel fully a part of your website, looks the most professional and according to many SEO-experts has the most SEO contribution to your domain authority.

How do i set it up?

In order to host your newsroom as a subdirectory of your main domain, you need to make changes to the configuration of your web server. We have confirmed compatibility with both Nginx and Apache web servers.

You need to alter your web server's configuration file by adding a reverse proxy directive that routes all traffic on the chosen subdirectory to your subdomain (

Once that is all set up on your side, we can put your newsroom in reverse proxy mode and have it respond to your domain and subdirectory combination (

How can we get started?

Because we need to provide technical assistance from our side, we need one of our technical account managers to send you the instructions and be there to verify your setup every step of the way.

Please contact support with your desired subdirectory and the contact details of your IT contact person. We will then send them (with you in copy) the initial instructions to help them set up the reverse proxy.

Once this has been set up, we'll go and verify this from our side and there's usually a bit of back and forth until we find the perfect configuration for your setup.

And that's all there is to it! 😃

As always, if you have any questions, let us know at

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