If you need more than one group of people to approve your release at different stages, thatโ€™s totally possible ๐ŸŽ‰

This new feature is useful if you work in a large team in which not everyone needs to be involved in all steps of editing and approving a campaign. This way, you can run multiple rounds of approvals as the release gets tweaked, without having to add all involved parties at once.

For example, if your CEO only needs to approve the final draft of a release at the very last stage, then they can be added after all other reviewers have given their approval and made their own edits.

How to run more than one approval round?

Once the campaign has gone through one (or more) successful approval rounds, go to the campaign editor and click on step 4. Approval. Click on the + New approval button to start a new round:

You will be asked to select reviewers to give their approval. Please note that in order to approve or reject campaigns, that person needs to be a newsroom user. Tick on the box next to their name and write them a message if you'd like.

Once you click on the "Start approval" button, the assigned reviewers will get an email requesting them to take a look at the campaign:

After you start the new approval round, you will be able to see an overview which shows you the status of that new round and all the other previous approval rounds which the campaign has been submitted to:

If you'd like to add more reviewers to your latest approval round, you can do that by clicking on "Add more reviewers". Then, you can select more people to join the round. Once you're done selecting, click on the green button at the bottom of the page:

There you go!

Are you still not sure about how to use this feature or have any other questions about how to use pr.co? Reach out to our support team via our live chat box or send us a message: hello@pr.co ๐Ÿ’Œ

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