Did you know that once live in your newsroom, your campaigns can be downloaded as PDFs?

To do that, all you need to find is the "Download PDF" option on the corner of the page:

In case something in your release needs to be changed or edited after it's already published, keep in mind that your PDF version will also need to be updated.

To make sure that happens, go through the following steps:

  1. Make the necessary edits in your release. Don't forget to click on "Save and continue" through all the steps of the campaign editor. This will make sure that your release goes live once again, but this time with the updates:

2. Once you save your edited campaign, you can regenerate its PDF version by clicking on the campaign's title on your dashboard:

3. Next, click on "Actions" and choose the option "Regenerate PDF" on the dropdown menu:

Once you follow these steps, the PDF version of your campaign should be in sync with the latest edits you've made on your release.

There you go!

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