Once you add a contact to your pr.co CRM, they will be automatically listed as "subscribed" to your organisation, meaning that they will be able to have campaigns and emails delivered to their address. 

We do ask our users though to double check that they were given the consent from their contacts to be added as subscribers. Therefore, it's very important that you truthfully tick the "I have permission to email these contacts" box:

Attention - even if a contact has unsubscribed from your organization, they will still show on your contact list(s). However, you can check whether a contact has unsubscribed through two different ways:

  1. Click on a contact's name to get an individual overview

If you would like to check whether a specific contact has unsubscribed, type their name on the search box of your contact list and then click on their name. You should get a detailed overview of that contact's activity - including their subscription status on the bottom right of the page.

2. Get a complete list of all unsubscribed contacts

Our CRM system stores all unsubscribed contacts in a list which can be accessed at any time. You can access it by going to your Contacts and clicking on Settings on the upper-right corner of the page:

Once you click on Settings, you will see two types of different lists - Deleted and Unsubscribed contacts. 

While both contain contacts who are no longer receiving your emails and campaigns, if a contact is on Deleted, it means that they were deleted by an admin for a given reason. Deleted contacts can be either erased permanently or put back into their original contact list:

If a contact is on the Unsubscribed list, it means that they have voluntarily asked to be unsubscribed from your organization. As we respect their wishes and privacy, we cannot place them back in your CRM. However, you can keep track of unsubscribed contacts and get in touch with them personally if you wish:

And that's all!


Should you run into any problems 🛑 , bugs 🐛 , feature requests 🤔 or have any questions 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♀️ , please get in touch with the pr.co support team. You can reach us either via the live chat or at hello@pr.co.

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