In case you have duplicated a campaign but would like to have different details such as the title, language, or summary, you can easily do so. 

This is particularly convenient if you're working with international teams and having original releases translated into different languages, while wanting to keep the formatting and content of the releases the same across your newsrooms.

The first step is to select the campaign you wish to duplicate. If you click on the ⚙️ icon on the right corner of your release's title, you will find the "Duplicate" option:

Once you click on that option, the duplicate will show up on your dashboard. To edit the release, click on the ⚙️icon once again and select "Edit":

Once you are on the campaign editor, you can re-write or translate any parts of the release on the first step. Or, if you wish to only change the title or summary of the duplicate, you can do so by going to step 2 - Settings:

No worries - Creating a duplicate and changing its details will not compromise the original release!

And that's it!

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