Want to add a video to your media kit that journalists can download? You can do that by embedding a Vimeo-hosted video in pr.co. All you need is a Vimeo Plus account.

Note: At the moment we don’t support uploading video files directly from your computer to pr.co. But, with this workaround (and a Vimeo Plus account), you can add videos to media kits that can be downloaded.

Step 1: Upload your video to Vimeo

Please read Vimeo’s Uploading a video help article for the instructions to upload your video to your account.

There are three video settings you must configure correctly in your Vimeo video’s Privacy panel,

  1. Allow downloads toggle must be set to ON. This adds the download button underneath the video player on Vimeo.

  2. Privacy must be set to Public,

  3. Embed must be set to Anywhere.

Step 2: Add the Vimeo video to your Media kit

  1. Open your media kit and click Add media.

  2. Click Embed video in the Media library modal that opens.

  3. Paste the Vimeo URL in the Link to the video (URL) field

  4. Give a name to your video.

  5. Click Add video to Media library.

  6. Finally, click the video thumbnail to add it to your media kit. It is the first file in the grid overview below.

  7. Close the modal.

That’s it! Your Vimeo video is now added to your media kit. Newsroom visitors can click the open video link and download the video from Vimeo.

Note: This workaround does not work with YouTube videos. YouTube has restricted the ability to download videos all together.

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