With the Subscribers feature enabled on your newsroom, visitors can subscribe to your news. Which means, after you publish a news release, we automatically send an email update with your latest news to your subscribers. Subscribers don't need to visit your newsroom to find out what's going on, they get the news delivered straight into their inboxes.

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  1. How can visitors subscribe to my news?

  2. New subscribers & email notification

  3. How to enable the Subscribers feature?

How can visitors subscribe to my newsroom?

There is a “Subscribe to news” call-to-action in the header and footer and in the hero section of topic pages. These call-to-actions all lead visitors to the subscribe flow: an overlay modal where they can subscribe via email or RSS.

You can also directly link towards the subscribe modal by appending #subscribe to your newsroom URL, i.e. http://news.pr.co/#subscribe.

Subscribers can choose from four email frequencies:

  • Daily digests, daily at 02:00

  • Weekly digests, Mondays at 02:00

  • Monthly digests, first day of the month at 02:00

  • Immediate updates, immediately.

Note: We base the send times on your newsroom’s timezone setting. E.g. if your newsroom is set to GMT+02:00, we send digest emails at 02:00 in that timezone.

Additionaly, subscribers can select the news topics they want to follow. Only want to follow Product updates? Go ahead. Want to follow all the news? You got it.

Of course, if you haven't published any news, no email are sent.

New subscribers & email notification

You can find your newsroom subscribers by clicking the Subscribers menu item in the sidebar. You can see who subscribed, when they subscribed, which topics they follow, when they were last emailed, and their email frequency preference.

Got an unwanted subscriber? Click Unsubscribe to stop them from receiving automated news updates. Simple as that.

New subscribe email notification

Every time someone subscribes to your news you receive an email notification with the subscriber's details. You can turn off this email in your notification settings.

(These notifications are only sent to newsroom users with the Publisher editorial role.)

Only newsroom users with the Publisher editorial role receive this notification.

How to enable the Subscribers feature?

Tick the Enable subscribers checkbox in your newsroom's settings page and click the Save changes button.

There you go!

Should you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to our support team via our live chat box or email - hello@pr.co 💌

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