We have redesigned our newsroom from the ground up

Co-designed with journalists, we have completely reimagined the pr.co newsroom layout to better service your newsroom visitors, allow for more extensive branding and to improve on your newsroom's SEO-value.

The newsroom is powered by the software you already use, but now with a fresh layout that is more brand-centric and user-friendly, making it as easy as possible for journalists to find the right information about your brand.

What has changed with our branded newsrooms, in a nutshell:

  • Co-designed & built with journalists

  • Frequent updates & new features

  • Scales with you as your company grows

  • Built for findability (ease-of-use & SEO)

  • Online in one week

  • Totally branded to your company's style

  • New feature for promoting your brand's Events

Why upgrade if my current newsroom still works?

Built to scale

Many of our clients have grown rapidly over the last years. And we’ve watched them closely. As your company will grow, this newsroom scales with you. Easily set up new markets and new languages, set user permissions, send campaigns for approval rounds across your global teams, and much more.

The power of strong branding

For a message to come across, it needs to be well and thoughtfully written. For it to be memorable, it needs to be branded. Our design team will make sure the newsroom is entirely styled to match your online identity and branding.

Organise your news per topic, in a visually-rich and fully branded layout

Now with our tagging system, you can create different topics for your newsroom items. Each topic has their own separate page in the newsroom - this way, journalists interested in a particular subject within your company can easily find all press releases, media kits, and clippings related to that topic.

Each news item and tag can have their own cover image, making the newsroom more visually-appealing and your news more prominent. Another visual improvement is the consistent branding throughout the newsroom, from fonts to brand colours and illustrations.

Spotlight on your press mentions

Our clippings feature has also been improved: All you need is the URL to the original press feature and our system will automatically pick the article's image, title, publishing date, and website's favicon. With this enriched clippings system, your press mentions are highlighted in the best way as possible.

Direct your newsroom visitors to the right spokespeople

In our new branded layout, your newsroom's spokespeople have their own page in the newsroom, as well as their contact cards displaying on the side of your news items. Plus, we've got some new features: spokespeople contact cards are downloadable and you can select a specific spokesperson for each of your releases.

If you have multiple markets, your global's newsroom spokespeople page will list all the spokespeople per country. This ensures that journalists know exactly to contact for each of your markets.

All your media assets in one hub

The media kits newsroom page has also been revamped in this new layout. Now, you can create different categories for your media kits if you wish. They can also be tagged under one of your newsroom topics, making your brand's media assets even easier for journalists to find.

Promote your (online) events

Our brand new Events functionality allows you to publish all of your upcoming events to a designated page in your newsroom. There, your contacts can find all information they need about a specific event, add an event to their calendar, or get directed to an RSVP-page for example.

Designed to fit the newsroom's branding and easy to share on social media or via email, this functionality ensures that your contacts won't miss out on any of your event invitations.

With better navigation, a newsroom-wide search, improved spokespeople section, better SEO results, a toolbar specifically for media professionals and a visual interface, this newsroom is the best experience you can offer your press contacts and the media.

Would you like to learn more about upgrading to our branded newsroom layout? Get in touch with us on hello@pr.co or contact us via our live chat box 💌

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