We've just added a new functionality to your email distributions, Now, besides having options to make your emails to the press more personal, you are also able to choose amongst different layout types for your emails.

We received a lot of feedback from our users that they not always want to send a plain-text emails, but they also didn't want to always send a branded emails either. Therefore we've made it so that you can choose which layout works best for the email you're currently sending.

You can find the email switcher in the 'Email message'-step of creating your email. You will see that there's now a dropdown menu under the 'Email layout' heading:

Once you click on the dropdown menu, you will see the following options below. You can safely choose any option, it won't make you lose the email you've written so far:

To get a preview of what your email will look like in the layout you've chosen, click on the button 'Preview email' button underneath the email editor or choose 'Send test email' to send a preview to your inbox.

If you prefer to keep it simple and personal, the plain text email looks like this:

This is what the branded email layout looks like. Basically, it will grab the colours and logo from your newsroom and will incorporate them into a branded heading, add the correct link color and style the button in the email accordingly:

Would you like to have another, fully customised email layout? We now offer that too!

For those, elements such as a custom header and footer, custom fonts, and graphics can be incorporated into your email layouts. Check out this example from one of our clients:

Please contact pr.co support to inform about the options and costs involved with the custom email layout add-on.

If you wish to know more about this new feature or have any questions about pr.co, get in touch with our team at hello@pr.co or via our live chatbox 💌

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