Before hitting send, you can check how your release will look like once it hits the mailboxes of your media contacts.

To send a test campaign, go to Step 3. Timeline of the Campaign Editor. There, click on the button + New email. This will take you to a page where you have all the necessary steps to create an email distribution.

On step 4, you can write the body of your email message:

There, you will see the button "Send test email". When you're finished writing your email messages - check out how to make them personalised! -, run a test campaign by clicking on the button and writing the emails of the people you'd like to receive it:

Why is my test campaign not sending?

In case you get the message "could not send email" when you press OK after typing your email recipients, the most common cause of this error is because there's a typo in one of your variables, such as:

Once the variable is fixed (in this case, by adding one more bracket where it's missing), try sending out the test email again. It should work out then 👍

The recipients of your test email should receive it right after you send it out. The test campaign will then show how your emails will display once they are sent out to the press:

There you go!

In case of any questions, bugs, or feature requests, do not hesitate to reach out to our team via the in-app live chat box or via email:

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