In case your organisation has a branded newsroom layout, you have the option of using a tag tree functionality to organise your news into different topics:

This functionality makes it easier for visitors to find news on a particular topic when they click through your newsroom. Also, it makes the overall look of your page more organised and user-friendly:

To edit your tag tree, go to your newsroom Settings. There, you will see the "Tags" heading. Click there:

To add or remove tags from your tag tree, click on one of your existing tags and press Ctrl + right click. You should then see this dropdown menu:

When you click on "create tag", type the name you'd like your tag to have. Automatically, your new tag will show up as a sub-tag of the existing one:

In case you'd like this tag to be a completely different news topic, drag the new tag to the left, placing it on the tree outline. Once you're done with your changes, click on "Save tag tree":

To edit a tag (i.e. add a heading image, description, change tag name), press Ctrl + right click on the tag you'd like to adjust. Once the dropdown menu pops up, click on "Tag settings". This will take you to a page like the one below, where you can fill in different fields:

Once you are done with your changes, click on "Save changes". This will take you to your Tags section, where you must save your changes once again by clicking on the "Save tag tree" button.

Once saved, all your current tags will show as separate sections in your newsroom under the “News” tab.

There you go!

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