If you happen to have deleted a contact at some point, but now you'd like to have them back in your CRM, you can always add them back again.

Please note that this can only be done if you have deleted the contact yourself (or if this was done by someone else in your organisation). If a contact has chosen to unsubscribe from your newsroom, then it is not possible to re-add them.

Once the contact is re-added, they will be part of the same contact lists as they were in before. Also, their activity history will display data from before they were deleted, and you will be able to see when and by whom they were initally deleted.

Attention: If you re-add a contact but your campaigns are not being delivered anymore, it could be due to the following reasons:

  • The email address is outdated

  • Emails to this contact have bounced too many times (in which case they are automatically removed from the CRM in order to protect your domain)

  • Their email spam filters are blocking the delivery


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