Did your company receive some media attention that you'd like to display in your newsroom? Then, make sure to add it as a clipping! Doing so is very easy, as you can either add the article as a link if it was published online or as a PDF if it was published in print.

For both Essentials and Branded pr.co newsrooms, Clippings now can be easily filled in and saved - Our system will automatically grab necessary information from the clipping's source, such as title, date of publication, and featured image.

To generate a new clipping, click on the green button on the upper right corner of your screen:

On the next step, you will be asked to paste the link to your clipping. In case the clipping was published on print, you can add the scan of the article as a PDF by clicking on "Looking to upload a file":

Once you click on "Generate clipping", the system will pick up the article's featured image and key headings. They will automatically fill in the fields (see screenshot below), however, you can also edit this information if you wish.

Also, on this step, you can connect the clipping to a specific campaign in your newsroom. To do so, select your campaign from the dropdown menu below the "Connect to a campaign" heading. Please note that if you do so, the clipping will not show up alongside the live campaign in your newsroom - instead, it will be connected to the campaign's performance report.

For Branded newsrooms, clippings can be accessed by clicking on the "In the News" section. There, the highlighted image and the information filled in during the previous step will be displayed for each of your added clippings:

For Essentials newsrooms, clippings will show chronologically in your newsroom's feed. Their title will be followed by an arrow icon indicating their original source. They can be viewed individually by clicking on the headings:

And that's it!

If you have any questions, feedback, or are just as excited as we are, don't be a stranger. We'd love to hear from you 💌

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