The Campaign Editor allows you to personalise your messages for your email distributions. You can find this feature in step 3. Timeline, where you can create an email distribution for your release.

On the fourth stage, you are able to type a subject line for your email and write your message, which can include as many variables as you wish:

By default, there will be a variable with your contact's first name and a link to your campaign. These can be changed if you wish - however, if you modify any variable, do not remove the two brackets around their title i.e. {{link_to_campaign}} - otherwise, this automation will not be successful.

We have a long list of variables, which can be found by selecting the "variables" heading right above the field for your email message. To select one, you simply need to click on the variable you'd like to include:

Some useful variables can also be the one that includes your campaign's summary, giving your contacts a little teaser of your news; or, to make your message extra personal and more likely to spark engagement by including your contact's organisation name and a question, for example:

Here you can find the complete list of our supported variables:



And that's all!

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