Once you are finished with your campaign, go to step 3. Timeline on the Campaign Editor. There, you can create a new message with a link to your campaign by pressing on the + New email button:

After clicking on that button, you will see the following screen, where you can add your message, style the content, and add extras such as a link or an image. 

Tip: Do not delete the variables in brackets (i.e. {{link_to_campaign}} ), as that might cause your campaign link to be broken.

To add an image, click on the icon on the toolbar just above your message:

You will be shown all images that are part of your newsroom's media gallery, being able to pick one to be displayed in the email. 

If you'd like to have more than one image showing, you can add them by following the same step after the first image has been added:

If you'd like to tweak your image, you can do so by clicking on it and then selecting the "Edit" button which will appear in the middle of the photo.

Also, if you'd like to preview your email or send a test one to yourself, you can do so by clicking on either of the buttons just below the email message:

If you choose to edit the image, you are given the following options (see screenshot below). Once you are done with your changes, don't forget to click on "Save":

Once you have edited all details of your email, click on the button "Continue to delivery time". Then, you will see the following screen where you can choose when you'd like to send out your emails:

That's it! Your image and link to the campaign should be displayed like the following example:

There you go!

If something is still unclear to you or should you have any questions regarding pr.co and how to use our features, please reach out to our support team. We will be glad to assist you!

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