In order to send your campaigns to all contacts you'd like to select for your email distribution, you need to make sure that:

  • The email distribution is no longer in draft mode, but added to your Campaign timeline with a scheduled time to be sent out

  • You successfully select contacts for the distribution by going through all Timeline set up steps and saving them

Follow the steps explained below to make sure your campaigns get delivered to the right people at the right time.

Disclaimer: The names and email addresses used in the screenshots below are dummy data sets for demonstration purposes only.

Once you reach Step 3. Timeline - of your Campaign Editor, you have the option of creating one (or more) email distributions for your campaign. To do so, click on + New email:

  1. On step 3 of the Editor, select a contact list. Tick the box next to it and click on the "Continue to select contacts" button:

2. Following that step, tick all the boxes (to do it in bulk, press the box next to "Full name") if you wish to send it to all contacts in that list or select specific contacts from the list by clicking on each box next to their name. Then, click on "Continue to set name": 

3. Write an email description on this step (internal use only). And click on the blue button to proceed:

4. Write your email message here. Here, you're also able to preview your email and/or to send a test email to yourself to double check it. Once you're happy with that, click on the "Continue to delivery time" button:

5. Once you schedule a time for your email (Immediately or at any future date), press the save and continue button, which will take you to the last step where you will see this checklist with everything you've set up through the steps above. If all information there is correct, click on "Add email to timeline". Once you do so, the emails will be scheduled to be sent or will be sent out immediately, depending on what you've chosen as your distribution date:

6. Once you add an email to the timeline, it will show on the Timeline step of the Editor along with its delivery status information and a count of how many contacts the campaign was sent out to:

Attention: If the distribution you've just created shows under the "Draft emails" heading, it means that even if you have scheduled it to go out, it will not be delivered. In order to set it live immediately or at a certain date, click on "Edit email" and make sure to go through all steps, clicking on the "Save" button as you proceed.

That's it!

In case of any questions, bugs, or feature requests, do not hesitate to reach out to our team via the in-app live chat box or via email: 

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