Viewing your scheduled campaigns

To obtain an overview of when your campaigns will be going live, go to your newsroom overview and select the "Running" campaigns section:

There, your soon-to-be published campaigns will be sorted in chronological order. When they are in this phase, it means that they are no longer drafts. If you wish to make any changes to a running campaign, you must click on "Edit campaign" and once you are finished, you must confirm the launch once again on step 5.

How do I create a running campaign?

In the campaign editor, once you are finished writing your campaign and have scheduled a time for it to go live on step 3, go to the final step - "Confirm":

There you will be able to double check the publish date you've chosen and to confirm the campaign. Once you click on "Confirm", our system will move your campaign to the "Running" list until the release goes live on the date you've selected. Once you click on "Confirm", you should see this confirmation message:

There you go!

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