Just like in your media library, you can add photos, videos, and documents to your press kits. Also, you have the option of creating different categories for your press kits. Categories will sort your press kits into different topics, which will get their own separate pages once live in your newsroom.

Adding a category to a media kit can be done by clicking on the + Add category button in your media kits page:

Once you’ve created a category, you can move existing press kits (drafts or published) to that category by clicking on the “Move” option:

To delete or edit a category, click on the ⚙ icon next to the title:

If you click on “Settings”, you will be able to edit the name of the Category, add more information about the press kits/topics it contains, and you can also add a cover image for your category, which will display on that collection’s page in your newsroom.

Once your media kits and categories are published to your newsroom, they will look like this:


There you go!


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