supports video files embedded on platforms such as Vimeo and Youtube. Adding them to your newsroom's media library is possible, as well as including video files directly on your campaigns. 

Attention: Make sure you set the video as public on the platform where it has been originally published - if you change the visibility right before you add it to, it may take up to 24 hours for the video to be available.

To add a video file, go to your campaign editor and select the option of adding a media file (photo icon):

You will be re-directed to your media library. If your video has already been uploaded there, click on the "Videos" heading and select it from your existing files. If you'd like to add a new video, click on the button "+ Embed video":

Make sure your video is already embedded elsewhere, as you will need that link to add it to Once you paste the link to your video, you can add a title of your choice:

On the next step, you must select the video you've just uploaded from your media library:

Clicking on the video in your media library will automatically add it to your release. On the campaign editor, you are able to choose the size of your video's thumbnail on your release by clicking on either one of the three options below:

Done! Your video will be added to your release and can be watched by your readers by just simply clicking on the play button:

There you go!

If you have any questions ❓, feedback 💬, or are just as excited as we are 💃, don't be a stranger. We'd love to hear from you 💌

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