Adding clippings to your newsroom and campaigns can strengthen your brand's story and highlight your latest press coverage.

You can easily add clippings from a link if the feature was released online, or in case the press featured your brand on a newspaper, for example, you can always upload the scan as a PDF.Β 

To do so, go first to "Clippings" and click on "Looking to upload a file?":

Click on "Upload a file" to choose the PDF document from your computer's library:

Once the PDF is successfully uploaded, fill in the form with details on the clipping's title, publication, and date. Also, you can link the clipping to one of your campaigns - this will feature the press coverage you've got alongside the news you have published.

Attention: Make sure that you add a title to your clipping, otherwise you will get an error which will not set your clipping live.

Once your clipping has been saved and added to your newsroom, you can view a list of all your live clippings on your dashboard. There you have the option to view the clipping on its original source online or as a PDF, edit information on the form from the previous step, or delete it:

There you go!

Should you run into any problems πŸ›‘ , bugs πŸ› , feature requests πŸ€” or have any questions πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ , please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team.

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