To obtain access to an existing newsroom, your company's newsroom admin needs to first send you an invitation following these steps.

Do you already have an existing account for your company and would like to join one or more newsrooms within their domain? Then the admin needs to follow these steps instead.

If you are creating an account from scratch, once the invite is sent by the admin you should get an email from There you will see a button which will re-direct you to a page where you can start setting up your account:


Although this process is simple and should automatically re-direct you to your company's existing newsroom, this might happen:

"My colleague is trying to invite me to the agency's newsroom and has sent me an invite via e-mail. However, when I clicked the link to join newsroom it made me sign up for a new blank account and currently says I have 14 trial days left."

The most common cause for this is that when you clicked on the invitation link you were probably logged into already but with another account (i.e. the general account of your organization). This causes the system to not recognise what you're trying to do. In order to log into with a new account, you must be logged out from all other accounts or to open the link in a new browser window.

If that has happened to you when you tried to set up your own account, make sure to follow the steps mentioned above. Also, get in touch with our support team in order to make sure that the newsroom created from scratch is deleted before any subscription creations or changes are made.

There you go!

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