PDF documents can be added to your media library and press releases. In order to upload or select a PDF file to be used in your release, select the add block menu on the campaign editor:

Here you can select either the single media or the gallery option - this will depend on how you'd like your PDF document to be displayed. In order to have a more centralised formatting, we advise that you choose the gallery option (the icon with the four squares).Β 

Once you click on either one, you will be re-directed to your media library. In the "Documents" section, you will be able to view, upload, and select PDF files. Click on the one you'd like to add and then close the media library:

After selecting the PDF file, it will show up as a media item on the campaign editor. Then, you can proceed on formatting its size and placement according to the given options:

Once your release is live, campaign readers will be able to retrieve the PDF directly by clicking on the "Download" button under your document's title.

That's all!

Should you run into any problems πŸ›‘ , bugs πŸ› , feature requests πŸ€” or have any questions πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ , please don’t hesitate to reach out to the pr.co support team.

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