While trying to manually add a contact to a new or existing list, you might come across the following error message:

Or, alternatively, after the import of an Excel or csv file with multiple contacts, you might get the following error signs:

You might correspond with these contacts or know them personally - then why is the system saying so?

This error occurs because emails to that specific contact have bounced more than once already in your email distribution process - hence the block from the system. These cases will be labeled as "R" (see third image above).

In case the error sign displays the letter "E", it means that this contact has previously unsubscribed from one of your newsrooms. (see second image above) If a contact has unsubscribed, we are not allowed to re-add them to the system unless there is an explicit consent note from that person.

For bounced contacts, we advise that you add a secondary email address for that contact in order to ensure your emails won't bounce and that they will be part of the contact lists you wish to add them to.

If you'd still like to have that same email address in your database, please get in touch with our technical team so we can re-add the contact. 

Attention: this error might occur again if the contact is re-added and another bounce happens. In that case, make sure to have a backup email address for that person or organisation.

And that's all!


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