customers with multiple newsrooms have the option of adding different users to each of their newsrooms. For instance, organisations working with teams in multiple countries can ensure that only the team of a certain country can have full access to that country's newsroom and contacts. Or, agencies can also benefit from this feature by assigning different teams to each newsroom of the customers they are representing.

Inviting users to different newsrooms under your subscription can be done easily. Please note that this task can only be performed by team members with admin status.

Once logged onto your main newsroom, select the Users option on the menu on the left. There, you will have an overview of all of the current users with access to the newsroom and will be able to click on the button + Invite a new user:

On the next step, you can fill in the information of the team member you wish to invite. Here you also have the option of selecting which kind of permission you'd like to give them, either as an user or admin:

Once you complete the first step, you are able to select which of your active newsrooms you'd like your colleague to have access to and which user role they will have once logged in:

Next on, you can select which contact lists that person will be able to have access to. Please note that only the contact lists of the previously selected newsrooms will appear. Here you can also decide whether that user will have full or restricted access (they will be able to view only certain contacts or segments) to the selected contact lists:

Lastly, you will get an overview of the contact you're about to invite, with their details and permissions as you have filled in the previous steps. Please double check whether all information here is correct before you invite them:

Once you press the invite button, your contact should automatically get an email from with a link where they can proceed to logging into the newsroom they have been added to.

There you go!

Please let us know if you run into any issues 🚫, bugs 🐛, or if you think something is unclear 🤷‍♂️:

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