When you are setting up your newsroom, one of the options you have is to add spokespeople to your organisation. You will see this option on the menu on the left of your newsroom dashboard.

Once you click on the "Spokespeople" tab, you will be directed to the following page, which will allow you to view, add, or remove spokespeople on your newsroom:

To add a new spokesperson, click on the + New Spokesperson button on the upper right corner of your screen. You should be able to add the spokesperson's details and add a photo of them here:

To remove a spokesperson from your newsroom, place your mouse on the contact card of the spokesperson you'd like to remove. You should then see a trash icon which will give you that option:

If you have a Branded newsroom, once you have added spokespeople to your organisation, their photo and contact details will show up in the Press Contacts section:

Additionally, you can select a spokesperson for a particular release. Their contact information will show on the right side of your campaign once it's live in your newsroom. Please note that this is a feature for Branded newsrooms only:

For Essentials newsrooms, the Spokespeople information can be found on the dropdown menu on the left corner of the newsroom:

Attention: If your organization has multiple newsrooms, please note that the spokespeople in each of them will not be the same. This allows you to delegate spokespeople in different countries in case your organization works internationally and has newsrooms translated to different languages. Also, if you are an agency, this option allows you to add your customers' team as spokespeople.

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