If you would like to add team members to your organisation's account on pr.co, you can easily do so. However, please note that in order to do this, you must have an admin role.

Once you are in your Newsroom dashboard, click on the "Users" tab. There you should get an overview of all your current team members on pr.co and what their current user roles are. To invite someone new to join, click on the button "Invite a User":

Once the invite is sent, you should get an email with a button which will re-direct you to a page which will allow you to set up your pr.co account:

When the user has accepted the invitation and set up their account, the admins will be able to assign user roles and you can start collaborating in campaigns.

And that's all!

If you have more questions or run into any problems while using pr.co, contact our support team.

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