GIFs can be great assets to your campaign - from demonstrating how to perform a task to adding a quirky touch to your content. As strong GIF enthusiasts ourselves, we made sure that you are able to include them in your campaign.

Adding a GIF is very simple - Once you are editing your campaign, select the option in the menu to add a single media item:

Once you have selected that option, press the + Click to update media button. There you will have the option to either select an existing GIF in your media library or to upload another one:

Once you have uploaded your GIF, it should display normally in your campaign editor and in the preview of your campaign:

Attention: Adding a GIF only works if you add it as a single media item. Adding it in a media gallery unfortunately does not work.

And that's it!

If something is still unclear or if you run into any issues while using, our support team is here to help. Email us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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