Attention: This article is only applicable to organisations with custom newsrooms. In case you would like to have this feature in your newsroom, please get in touch with our team for more information.

If you have a customised media kits section, you will notice that you have two options when adding new media folders to your newsroom:

  1. Add category

  2. New media kit

A category is a main folder in which different media kits can be added to. Below are examples of categories, which will show once you click on the "Media kits" tab in your dashboard:

If you wish to have a new category, click on the + Add category button on the right side. You should then see this:

After filling in your new category's details, you can add or move media kits to that folder. Once live in your newsroom, categories show up like this:

To add a new media kit, click on the green button on the right or on the bottom of your Media kits page. You can either a) Add the media kit first and then move it to a category by clicking on the settings icon next to your media kit's name or b) Click on the category you'd like to add a media kit to and click on the + New media kit button. You should be able to fill in your media kit's details then:

Once your new media kit is added to your category, it will be displayed on your website like this:

There you go!Β 

Would you like to know more tips on how to make the best out of our media kits feature? Check out this article.

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