If you wish to remove a newsroom from your subscription, there are two options. You can either have it archived or deleted.

We usually recommend users to opt for archiving a newsroom, so if they ever want it back online, they are able to have it back later on in its original form. If your subscription fee is calculated per newsroom, once a. newsroom is archived it will no longer be charged in your monthly payment.

To archive a newsroom, go to your dashboard and click on the ⚙ icon on the bottom-left corner. Once you click on the "Newsrooms" option, you should get an overview with all your newsrooms:

Click on the "Archive" button to have the newsroom removed from your account. This newsroom will no longer be indexed by search engines and will not show in your organization's press page. Please note that newsrooms can be re-added at any time by clicking on the "Unarchive" button. 

If you are sure you want your newsroom to be permanently removed, having it deleted is a possibility. In order to do so, users must contact our team and we will do it for you.

Read more about deleting content on
pr.co here.

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