Once you edit and publish a release using pr.co, by default the release's date will be the same as your publish date. However, if you are adding previously published or older releases to your newsroom and wish to keep their original date, it is possible to make changes to the publish date.

In order to do that, go to your published campaign's step 5 of the timeline - "Confirm". There you have the option of archiving your campaign or putting it back as a draft. In this case, you have to select the "Back to draft" option - this will at first unpublish your campaign. 

Once you do that, you must go once again to step 5 on the timeline - there you will be given the option to schedule your campaign's publish date. However, this time you are able to select a past date:

Once you click on save, your campaign will appear again on your newsroom, but this time with the publish date you have last selected.

And that's all!

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