The CRM system detects and removes duplicates in your contact lists once they are added. However, it is possible to have the same contact in more than one list - for instance, someone might  be in a list for "Dutch journalists" but also in another just for "Journalists". 

In addition, contacts might be added or removed from contact lists at any time - however, please note that only users who are admins can do so.

How to add contacts to multiple lists

If you wish to add new contacts to more than one list, you can do that during the process of importing new contacts from an Excel or csv file:

On the next step, you will be asked to select which list(s) you would like these contacts to be in. Please note that if you do not select any of the lists, the contacts will be automatically added to your main list - "All Contacts".

If you would like to create a new list, you can also do that on this step by clicking on "Create new contact list" on the bottom of the page:

In case you would like to add your contacts to your recently created list but also to an existing one, you can do that by ticking the boxes next to the names of these specific contact lists. Please note that you still have tick the box next to the name of the list you have just created:

How to add or remove existing contacts from lists

Contacts can be added to new or different lists or removed from them at any time you may please. To do that, go to your Contacts and select the list you would like to edit. You will see an overview of all contacts in that list, where you can perform bulk actions by ticking the box next to your contacts' names. 

Once you have selected the contacts you would like to edit, click on "More actions" - then choose whether you want to add them to a contact list or to remove them from the current list you are in:

And that's it!

Attention: While our system allows you to have the same contact in multiple lists, it still does not allow your campaign emails to be distributed to more than one contact list at once. Don't worry, we still have some ways to work around that! Read more about our campaign distribution system here.


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