Make sure the right people see your new campaign at the right time with our emailing feature. You can do so following these simple steps:

In the campaign editor, click on 3. Timeline. You should be directed to this page:

Click on + New email. On step 1, you can view all your contact lists in the PRM. Select the one with the target audience for your campaign.

Attention: Unfortunately you can only select one contact list at once. Click here to read more about other available options for this function.

Once you have selected a contact list, you have the option to select specific addresses within that list. To select the recipients, click on the box next to their name:

Once you've selected the recipients for the email with you campaign, don't forget to write a brief description on step 3:

After you have selected the right contacts, you can start composing a message that will get them excited about your campaign. Try to keep it to the point, recipients won't be patient to find out what your message is all about. Choose a snappy subject line and make sure you set the correct sender email address.

Using Variables

You can add {{variables}} to your email. With variables you can insert information about your message and your contacts into your email. You might want to open your email saying "Dear {{first_name}}" or "To keep it short: {{summary}}". Please note that when your contact doesn't have a first name, we will insert nothing at all.

Available variables from your press release campaign:


Available variables from the contact that is the recipient of your email:



If you'd like to see what your actual email will look like, you can use the Preview email button or send the email to yourself or someone else with Send test email.

On the following step, you can schedule the delivery of your email - you can either send it out immediately or schedule a time of your preference. 

Please note that depending on the size of your list and on our queue, the email delivery may take several minutes.

 Attention: If the emails are sent out before the campaign has been published this means that contacts receiving these emails will be led to your message under embargo.

Double check if you've got all the details and time correctly before you hit send. Add your email to the timeline to keep track of which contact lists have already received the campaign and when the delivery took place.

There you go!

Please get in touch with our support team if you run into any issues or if you think something is unclear: 💌

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