The Collaborate feature can be found in the side panel of your Campaign Editor. The side panel can be opened and closed according to your preference. Within the side panel there's four different tabs:

Campaign details

The Campaign details tab gives you some meta information about the campaign you're currently looking at. When it was created, who created it and a way to directly copy the draft - and public link to your clipboard. This tab is enabled for everyone.


With Activities, you can track what happened in the writing process of the campaign, when it happened and who it was that performed that particular action. This way you can always have the full story around a campaign, and know who is responsible for certain actions.


With the new Chat functionality, the collaboration really comes to life! Using Chat you can send messages to your team or individual members of your team. Everybody in the team sees the same chat so please note that everything you say is public 😉

If you'd like to notify one of the team members, you can start with an '@' symbol to display a pop-up of the names of each member. Click on their name and finish your message. When you leave a message with an @-mention inside of it, that particular user will receive that message as an email notification in their inbox.


With the team tab you can manage which users you'd like to collaborate with on the campaign. By clicking 'Add users' you can add them to the team and optionally leave them a personal message. This message will then be sent with the notification that they've been assigned to work with you on the campaign.

There you go! 

If you have any questions ❓, feedback 💬, or are just as excited as we are 💃, don't be a stranger. We'd love to hear from you 💌

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