Chances are you're not the only one working on a new campaign. Sending drafts back and forth via email is not very convenient: just invite other users to the newsroom and work together. The number of users you can invite to join your newsroom depends on your subscription. You can also decide what kind of access you give them - as a publisher, writer, or reviewer.

Requesting approval

On top of your campaign editor, you can find the Approval step:

Click on + New approval to select which team members you would like to check your campaign:

Once you assign your reviewers, click on Start approval. Done! They will receive an email with your campaign draft. If you wish to get an overview of the campaign reviewers, add or remove people you can do so by clicking on 4. Approval

What do the different campaign statuses mean?

In the process between writing a release and publishing it, you have several reviewing steps available in the timeline:

And that's it! 

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