This is a collection of all of our Frequently Asked Questions about running your PR campaigns on If you have a question that is not here, drop us a line at

1. Set up

What is my organisation?

Your organisation is your collection of users, newsrooms, presslists and billing. This makes it easier for you to collaborate with your colleagues. You can read more about it in our release here.

How do I set up a custom domain?

Create a CNAME entry: a CNAME entry is the mapping of a host name on a domain you own, to another host name of your preference. This can be done by anyone who can access your account with the domain name registrar. In this case the alias name should be, for example, "press", and the hostname it points to should be "".

Update your pressroom: sign in to your account, go to the pressroom you'd like to update and click the Basic information tab. Enter "" in the "Use your own domain" field.

Save your changes: click on the "Save changes" button at the top of the screen. Now wait for your DNS provider to update the records. This can take between a few minutes to a full day and more.

Authenticate your email domain

Set up DKIM and SPF records for your domain to optimise the deliverability of the emails you send through SPF and DKIM are authentication mechanisms to prevent spam. By setting the correct DKIM and SPF records you authorise the servers to send email on behalf of your domain. This will reduce the chance of your emails ending up in the SPAM folder and will improve delivery rates. To setup DKIM and SPF records you need access to the DNS settings of your domain.

Usually these settings are managed by your IT department or an external company. Just send them a link to this page and ask them to update the DKIM and SPF records for your domain. is using Mailgun to send emails. To find the right DKIM and SPF records please consult this page. If you have any questions please get in touch via email.

How do I integrate Google Analytics?

Sign in to Google Analytics, click Admin in the orange bar and choose your account. Click on Property > Create new property in the Property table. Enter the Property Name and the full URL of your pressroom - e.g. or if you don't use a custom domain - select your time zone and click the Get Tracking ID button. Do not select https://. Copy your Tracking ID. It starts with UA-. This is the code that you're going to enter in the pressroom settings. Sign in to your pr.coaccount, go to the Basic Information tab of your pressroom, and paste your ID in the Add your own Google Analytics code field. Save, and you're done!

How do I add the twitter widget to my newsroom?

To add a Twitter timeline widget to your pressroom, you need a Twitter account. Go to the Twitter Settings page. It doesn't matter which account you use. You can show just a user timeline, but also show lists, favourites and searches. We take care of the theme, link colour, and height, so don't bother about these settings. When you're ready click the "Create widget" button. Copy the widget embed code and paste it in your pressroom under Company information > Twitter timeline widget embed code. Hit the save button and check the widget on your Pressroom sidebar!

How can I upload my list of contacts?

You can upload contacts from either a UTF-8 encoded .CSV file, an Excel spreadsheet, a Google spreadsheet or even just by copying and pasting in contact information into the contact import page. You can find more information about this here.

Why I'm not able to upload this file?

Some special characters are not allowed in file names. Files featuring "#", ",", "?", or "+" in the file name can't be uploaded to your Media Library.

What browsers are supported?

We test and fully support the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox and Safari. About Internet Explorer: your newsroom will look good on IE9+. To create your newsroom, on the other hand, we recommend you use the latest version of Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

2. Prices

How can I pay?

We accept all major credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, American Express) and PayPal. Contact us to pay with an invoice.

Why do I need to upgrade to add a newsroom?

Our prices are per pressroom: we'll multiply the price per pressroom by the amount of pressrooms you have. 

Any special plans for educational / non profit organisations and startups?

Yes! Click here for more information.

What's your cancellation policy?

There's no need for a contract. During your first month, or under extraordinary circumstances, you can be eligible for a refund if you're not happy with You can also cancel your subscription at any time from your account. Your content will remain online for as long as your subscription is valid. After that time it will be taken offline. If at any time you would like for your newsrooms and releases to be available again you can reactivate your subscription.

3. Dates

What's the difference between an embargo and a private press release?

An embargo is a press release that will be published in the future, so you can share it privately through the exact URL. A private press release is simply a press release that does not show up in your pressroom. If you're working on an exclusive, you should set an embargo.

How do I set up an embargo?

The trick is to set the release date of your press release to a time in the future and it will be automatically under embargo until that time. Learn how to set an embargo.

How do I backdate a press release?

It's like setting an embargo, but the date is in the past. This will change the order in your newsroom. See more info here.

4. Delete

If I stop my subscription, will my newsroom still be accessible?

Your pressroom will be accessible as until your subscription's next payment date, when the subscription will no longer be active. Your newsrooms will then be taken offline. If at any time you wish to reactivate your subscription your newsrooms will instantly be accessible online again.

How do I delete a release / a newsroom?

You can delete any press release from your account directly: there's an option to delete a press release from the drop-down menu in the pressroom overview. A pressroom can be archived from the "Newsroom" tab in your account settings. This will mean it is no longer accessible online, and will be removed from your subscription. At any time it can be added back to your subscription, which will make it accessible once more.

How do I delete a press list or segment?

You can delete a segment by visiting the segment overview page of your press list. A press list is a container for all of your organisation's contacts and segments, and as such cannot be deleted.

Please remove this content ASAP!

Sometimes you may find content you want to remove in a pressroom hosted by The first thing to do is to ask the owner of the pressroom to remove the content via email. If the email is not shown in the newsroom, you can ask us to provide it. We cannot alter any content placed by third parties, but we may decide to hide the content from search engines under specific circumstances.

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