Changing user permissions in

There are two ways you can change the permissions of a user: on the organisation's level, or on a newsroom level (if you're using our Collaborate add-on). 

Permissions on organisational level: admin rights

On an organisational level, you can change a user's permissions from user to admin. The difference between the two is that admins will be able to access billing information, and remove other users from the account. 

To change permissions on an organisational level, click on the settings icon on the bottom left corner in Then click on users: 

This will open a new view, with an overview of all your users. Behind the user names, you'll be able to change their permissions. 

Permissions on newsroom level: workflow permissions

If you're using our Collaborate add-on, you'll also be able to change permissions of users on a newsroom level so that your editorial workflow is easily managed. To change permissions on a newsroom level, click on the newsroom icon on the left, and then click on users:

There you go!

Please let us know if you run into any issues 🚫, bugs 🐛, or if you think something is unclear 🤷‍♂️:

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